Checklist Before Hiring a Wedding Caterer

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A wedding can’t commence with just fixing the bride and groom, it is but a marriage of families. And what better way to one’s heart than through their stomach. So ditch the anxiety to find the perfect caterer, and use our checklist to guide you toward The Big Day!

Priorities First

  • What sort of cuisine do you serve?
  • Could you provide any menu samples?
  • Are you available on our wedding date?
  • Can you operate from our location?
  • Can you provide for our amount of visitors within our budget?


  • What sort of setup do you require?
  • How much time will you need to prepare and set up on site?
  • If not, do we need to recruit our own wait staff?
  • How many employees will you employ?
  • Do we have to offer lunches for the staff?
  • How many employees are required given the amount of guests?
  • Do you/can you arrange the tables?

Food for the Big Day

  • What are the choices for starters?
  • Which main course choices are available?
  • How is the main course served, such as buffet, family style, etc?
  • What about desserts?
  • Do you provide wedding cakes?
  • Do you serve food past midnight?
  • Do you supply food stations?
  • Where do you get your ingredients from?
  • Is your meat, fish, and produce organic and locally sourced or halal?

Pricing and Numbers

  • What are the minimum charges?
  • What is the cost per person?
  • What is included in the price?
  • What kind of deposit is required?
  • When may the final pricing be anticipated?
  • How far in advance should we confirm our guest list and dietary needs?

In conclusion, get your checklist prepped and ready well in advance regarding catering services for the Big Day. The Wedding Biryani ourselves do provide our services and menu for a number of events and weddings in and around Chennai. What better food to serve than vessels loaded with the best biryani in town?

Article written by M.S. Reeha

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