The Journey So Far

The Delicious Beginning

Hello, I am Nawaz Mohamed, the founder and owner of “The Wedding Biryani,” Chennai’s most popular biryani brand. I’ve been working in the restaurant and hotel industry for over 24 years now. As a native of Chennai, I’ve always have been a huge fan of traditional Tamil Muslim wedding style biryani. I’ve been attending many friends and family weddings since childhood, only just to relish some authentic, super-delicious wedding style biryani, and truly for nothing else!

Reasons why catering services can make or break an event?

Why & How

It all began with a casual dinner conversation with friends and family, about why the biryani at these traditional Tamil Muslim weddings was so very delicious, than any other biryani at usual restaurants? As a restaurateur, I along with my team, dug deeper to figure out how we could recreate this exact same wedding feasting experience available to everyone?

We discovered that the key to this exceptionally delicious taste lies in our traditional firewood cooking techniques and methods, the type of bulk cooking that occurs, and, most importantly, the wedding master-chefs who have been crafting biryani’s for decades. This level of skill and expertise is difficult to attain without prior experience.

Treating your loved ones never felt so good!

To ensure you have a world-class biryani experience, We adhere to stringent protocols in the procurement, production, packaging, and serving processes.

Treating your loved ones never felt so good!

We adhere to stringent protocols in the procurement, production, packaging, and serving processes to ensure you get a flawless world-class biryani experience!

With Almighty’s blessings, we have now recreated the exact same experience with a team of many world-class wedding master-chefs & professionals, to serve you an unforgettable experience, exactly like feasting at your bhai friend’s wedding.

Today, on an average, we are serving to over 3000 happy customers every single day. It’s like catering to over 10 different weddings everyday. We are now catering to many special occasions, corporate events, weddings, institutions etc and bringing joy and happiness to over 100,000 people every month.

The more we researched about this, the more excited we all became. Aren’t we all guilty of asking our Muslim friends to marry just so we can have our own favourite Kalyana biryani at the wedding? As we cracked the code to this authentic, super delicious best biryani experience in Chennai – ‘The Bai Veetu Kalyanam Virundhu’ aka ‘Muslim Brother’s Wedding feast’, we discovered the final piece of the puzzle Our very own Tamil Culture with Incredible Hospitality!

Thus Was Born, The Wedding Biryani!


Why we do, what we do!

Today, our mission is to serve you with an absolutely authentic, top-notch, wedding-style feasting experience that is flawless, and served with an impeccable hospitality that you will fondly remember for years to come.

Whether it’s for a fun-filled dining experience, or catering to any of your special occasions or event, we want TWB to be your first choice to create an event that you will remember forever.

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