Food – Bringing Ethnicites Together at TheWeddingBiryani

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If there is one thing that Indians are patriotic towards other than their own country, is the unified love for food.

It is not surprising that food festivals are many and profitable in a nation like India where a wide variety of cuisines are available and valued as an integral part of the culture. Indian food festivals take pride in their wide selection of distinctive and delicious meals as well as the significant number of guests that come from across the world. Indian cuisine is already well-liked by food enthusiasts from all over the world due to its distinctive combination of ingredients and amazing scent. Here, we present to you the best Indian cuisine festivals from all throughout the nation, which are renowned for their delectable fare and diversity.

The National Street Food Festival 

The truth that street food always tastes the finest cannot be contested. The National Street Cuisine Festival is a distinctive Indian food event that unites street food from many states across the nation. If you’re a die-hard admirer of street cuisine, this culinary festival will undoubtedly send you on a delicious journey. This Indian cuisine festival, which is typically celebrated in December or January, is the focal point of street food.

The Grub Fest

The largest food festival held in India, The Grub Fest, is renowned for its extensive selection of cuisines. Chefs from well-known restaurants around the nation gather for this food festival to provide the greatest dishes they have to offer to food enthusiasts.In addition to the delectable food, this Indian food festival offers seminars, films, and enjoyable activities to keep guests entertained. The locations of this cuisine festival include Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune.

Bengaluru Food Fete 

For those who enjoy food, Bangalore requires no particular introduction. The city takes pleasure in being the #1 destination for foodies across the nation. It takes place in April and is well-liked by the populace. Eminent and aspiring chefs, bakers, and restaurateurs all congregate on this day to showcase their selection of delights. Along with meals, the venue offers live music and stand-up comedy to keep patrons entertained.

Mei Ramew

The Mawphlang Mei Ramew festival, along with the assistance of the North East Slow Food and Agrobiodiversity Society (NESFAS) is a fantastic culinary event that aims to revive and cook the cuisines of the past simply. Organic materials gathered from the bush are used in the preparation of the meals. Mei Ramew is a special culinary celebration in Mawphlang that supports antiquated cuisines. Since 2010, it has been held in Meghalaya in an effort to educate future generations and bring old, traditional recipes to light. 

These are just a few of the many food festivals all over India, where the love of our myriad cuisines brings together people from various corners. 

One such delicious meal that not just brought Indians and Tamilians together, but patrons all the way from the US and France to relish into The Wedding Biryani’s authentic pandhi virundhu and biryani feast. 

This Republic Day, grab your friends and family and taste the Earth of Tamil Nadu in our signature wedding style biryani.

Article By M.S. Reeha

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