Exploring Chennai’s Best Non Veg Restaurants: From Coastal Cuisine to Grilled Delights

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Chennai has its own vibe with one of the best beaches to the high quality south Indian food, Chennai is a place of people’s culture and tradition. Whether you’re a biryani fan or a dosa fan you’ll get all the food options to explore here. Anna Nagar is a metropolitan city of Chennai. It was formerly known as Naduvakkarai. Since anna nagar is a metropolitan city it holds an residential and commercial importance. It is home to malls like Phoenix Market city and also has fashion stores of Indian and global brands. Apart from this it has many food outlets.

Introduction to the Best Non-Veg Restaurants

Many more restaurant chains as well. The typical south Indian restaurants are the most liked by people. If you’re the one who loves non veg then you can explore the non veg options here as well. The restaurants in anna nagar provide a very pleasant vibe to the people especially the ones serving pure south Indian food, people love to go out and explore food here. In this article we are going to look at some of the things that makes a restaurant good or bad. We’ll also tell you the Top 5 restaurants in Anna nagar based on the customer ratings. So that the next time you go out with your family or friends, you know the best place to visit.

Criteria for Ranking

We often search for the best restaurants to visit. But have you ever wondered how these restaurants are ranked. We have it’s answer. The restaurants are ranked based on some factors that are listed below:

Quality of food served: One of them is the quality of food served by the restaurant.The food quality includes the taste,presentation,freshness of food items and the variety of food items provided.

Professionalism in Staff: Another aspect of rating a restaurant of the service provided by the restaurant. This includes the behaviour and professionalism of the staff and the way of serving the guests. Service is an important aspect in the success of the restaurant.

Interior and seating arrangements: The seating arrangements and the dinning also has a great impact on the rating of the restaurant. People nowadays prefer restaurants with modern decor and comfortable seating.This improves the overall experience of the customers.

Value for money: Rating of a restaurant also depends on the value of money experience .If the restaurant doesn’t provide a good experience on a good budget it’s rating decreases. People don’t like to pay where the service is not worth.

Online reviews: Customer Reviews always tell you the reality of the restaurant. You should check the reviews made by the previous customers, in order to get a more clear understanding of the services the restaurant will provide.

Here based on the above mentioned factors we have chosen the Top 5 restaurants in Anna nagar.

Top 5 Restaurants in Anna Nagar

The top 5 restaurants in anna nagar are as follows:

The Wedding Biryani

The Wedding Biryani is a well known name in the restaurant industry. They have been serving their customers for 25 years. With the highest rating from customers. The Wedding Biryani stands at number 1 spot. Serving over 3000 people per day and hosting(catering) in over 10 weddings per day .They are committed to provide the best customer satisfaction experience. The Wedding Biryani has the experience and the expertise in the restaurant business. They are committed to provide the best value for money services for their customers.

They are now catering to many special occasions, corporate events, weddings, institutions etc and bringing joy and happiness to over 100,000 people every month. They provide various kinds of cuisines with an aesthetic seating arrangement, that makes The Wedding biryani the best restaurant to host business as well as family gatherings. If you want a customised menu for you party they got you covered.

With a wide variety of menu options available they can get you your favourite menu option.  The best and the most famous food items that is provided by the Wedding biryani is The special Biryani which is served hot ,made with fine quality basmati rice it’s worth a try for you. Some other popular dishes at the wedding biryani are Mutton Pandhi Virunthu, Kozhi Pandhi Virundhu, Eraal Pandhi Virundhu, Semiya Kheema Biryani and many more. The average price range at the Wedding Biryani is ₹700 for 2.

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The Velveteen Rabbit

A Restro-bar in the middle of Anna nagar “The Velveteen Rabbit” is also a good place to enjoy your weekend. With over 4.3 star rating from its customers it’s also a good restaurant choice for your outing may it with your friends, family or your love. The Velveteen Rabbit restaurant is well known for its service and the friendly, professional staff that is ready to help you anytime.

The bar cum restaurant was recently designed, the interior of the restaurant is very modern and attractive. The seating space is also great. Watermelon Chilli Collins ,The sweet potato fries, Miso Mayo dip and the popular Peanut Masala are the most liked items by the customers .You will be having a good time at the velveteen rabbit restaurant. Here you can also have good liqueur, beer or wine. The average price range for two is ₹2500.

Bombay Brasserie

 Bombay Brasserie is a great destination for an outing. Located in the heart of the city  Bombay Brasserie is an amazing place for experiencing nightlife in anna nagar. The restaurant has a very pleasant vibe with a DJ playing the latest hits every time you go there. The seating area is well design and provides an aesthetic seating experience.

The restaurant often has events going on such as wine tasting. The restaurant also provides various offers to its customers. The staff is also well behaved and provides a good customer experience. Bombay Brasserie is a great place to enjoy your night with your family, friends.

The customer feedback is also great. The average price range for 2 persons is ₹1500.

Madras Diner

The Madras Diner is a multi cuisine restaurant located in Chennai. From fast food to a perfect dinner you can find it all at the Madras Diner. With a very pleasant ambience interior Madras Diner provides a good seating space to its customers. The restaurant provides you with both indoor and outdoor seating options .You can spend your evening at the Madras Diner With your family and friends. The customer reviews are positive, the service provided is top notch.

The average price range for 2 is around Rs900.

Sangeetha Veg Restaurant

The Sangeetha Veg Restaurant located in Chennai is also a great restaurant option for you. Sangeetha Veg Restaurant is well known in the south Indian food category restaurants.They provide only veg food option. The quality of food is great and staff is also professional .Their main goal is customer satisfaction and they are doing a great job , the reviews by the previous customers are all great. The Sangeetha Veg Restaurant is worth a try. The price range for two is around Rs710.

Our Final Thoughts:

Anna nagar as we discussed is a place of many restaurants with both veg and non veg options. Choosing a good restaurant to spend your evening becomes a task. We have simplified it for you. We have mentioned the top 5 restaurants of Anna nagar above which have been chosen by keeping all the aspects like budget, value for money, food quality and ambience in mind.

The wedding biryani tops the list because of its experienced staff and great services it is indeed  the best restaurant to try for you. The Velveteen Rabbit comes at 2 with over 4.3 stars rating from its previous customers is also a great place to spend your evening. Then at 3 place is the Bombay Brasserie which is a good destination for your outing with family and friends.

You can find a very energetic atmosphere there with the songs playing loud. At 4 is the Madras Diner, A typical south Indian restaurant, If you wanna try the typical south Indian food you must give this a try. At 5 comes the Sangeetha Veg Restaurant, Here you can find the best veg food options.

Now it is easy for you to decide your next outing venue. Hope you enjoy your food well and don’t forget to share your experience at these restaurants with us.

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