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Ever wondered why eating a meal made straight from your home’s kitchen feesl so good?

Food has long been used by people in all cultures for purposes other than just providing energy. It fosters reunification, joy, kinship, and community development. No matter which culture you consider, food has emotional and cultural worth. This is why people provide meals to individuals who are grieving or in need.

Holiday celebrations are no different from other special occasions. Christmas feast at home, a potluck with friends, luncheons at work, or a package of sweets from relatives back home—whatever it may be, it’s always a memorable occasion if food makes an appearance. 

We go to great lengths to ensure that our partners have breakfast before work and that our children pack a healthy lunch for school. Every so often, we try to cook dinner for our family.

We get together over dinner to watch a game or go out for coffee to catch up with our friends.

However, why do we spend so much time and energy on food?

Because eating is fundamentally the most nourishing present you can give. We literally function only after a hearty meal. Therefore, giving food to others is ultimately an act of love.

Ideally, we celebrate the holidays with those we care about. Whether it’s our family, a small circle of close pals, or both. Typically enjoying a variety of dishes that someone has carefully prepared, where everyone contributes to the feast.

In order to share the food that everyone has worked so hard to raise and take care of, many indigenous communities around the world gather to celebrate seasonal harvests.

This practice can be observed in various forms throughout the world and even in day-to-day life today.

For example, the festival of Pongal, where townsfolk gather to watch and cook a pot of cloud-like Pongal to celebrate harvest. The popular American culture of Thanksgiving, where families reunite over distances to bond over a fulfilling assortment of delectables and a grand turkey dinner. 

Food is deeply entwined with both our cultural and personal identities. You will envision traditional holiday fare that is representative of your history and culture depending on where you are from, what your beliefs are, and how you were raised.

These traditional dishes from each of our cultures illustrate our shared histories, the types of food available to us in our native countries, the customs that have been passed down through the centuries, and the types of meals that help us feel at home.

This can also be considered on a smaller scale. Every family has its own special recipes, adaptations of traditional dishes, and successful experiments that have become staples.

Be it grandma’s secret biryani recipe or a long-passed-down special ingredient added to every meal. 

Think for a moment about the tales that are mentioned in your own family’s recipes. There must be one.

That is a piece of your narrative.

We use it to express love and tell stories, which evokes a wide range of feelings, from delight and pride in one’s heritage to nostalgia and comfort. 

And this proves that food is just an equal emotion to love or an even better expression than anything else.

We, at The Wedding Biryani, cater to this very experience!

Be it lavish parties or even a small family gathering, either a dine-in pandhi virundhu or ordering Biryani by Degh.

The Wedding Biryani always ensures love through the course of food at its finest.

Article By M.S. Reeha

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