15 Signs your true Valentine is food! – TheWeddingBiryani

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  1. The first thing you do is find your way to the kitchen!
  2. Snacks barely constitute eating
  3. You seldom miss out meals
  4. Favorite pastime? Binge on Netflix and Chips
  5. Your method of coping? Stress eating!
  6. Street food is the key to your heart!
  7. You always have food on you in case of emergency hunger pangs!
  8. Cuisines? Pfft, as Shakespear once said, What’s in the name?
  9. Yet, you are a connoisseur of flavors
  10.  Window shopping? More like Menu Scrolling
  11. You’ve got a never ending bucket list of restaurants and cafes to try out
  12.  Diets and exercise? Umm you’d rather start on Monday
  13.  A dream load of food to try, yet somehow your pocket is always dry and again – food is the reason why
  14. The greatest disappointment? Your delivery order is warm and below par
  15. And ofcourse! To you, Biryani is an emotion not just flavored rice

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