How much will it cost you to have your wedding catered?

How much will it cost you to have your wedding catered?

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Before planning anything and thinking about anything, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is cost and if it comes to any event like a wedding that takes a lot of money, it’s natural to think about the cost.

Depending on your budget, you will choose a wedding catering company that works well and fulfill all your requirements under your budget. Catering is the most important thing in your wedding because there are not any guarantee guests will remember the decoration of your wedding but they sure remember the food at the wedding.

To select a professional wedding catering company you also need a good budget but exactly, how much it will cost you to have your wedding catered.

Cost Factors for Wedding Catering

Some factors will make your budget for wedding catering, it all depends on your needs in the catering that make your budget go high or low.

Your Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is the first thing you should worry about a little. Different wedding venues have different rules for catering services. Few wedding venues do not let you hire any other catering company or they only work with some specific one that can cost you a little bit high.

Make sure to read the complete contract before signing a contract with your wedding venue. and Before hiring a venue make sure you check what are their rules.


The main thing in any catering is food. Food that makes your wedding memorable, before deciding on the menu make sure to check the quality of food and they know all about the safety & hygiene.

Food is the main factor in deciding the cost of your wedding catering the more varieties you will add the higher the cost will go.

The reputation of the Caterer

The cost of the wedding catered also depends on the caterer you choose, if you are hiring a newly established company in the business then their price will be lower than the average price because they do not have much experience.

On the other side, if you hire a professional caterer, their prices will be a little higher than others because they have a lot of experience in the work and they have very unique ideas and know a lot more stuff that a newly caterer doesn’t, that years of experience will help you to make your wedding more memorable and successful.

Guest List

Aside from the food, the main factor that will decide the cost of your wedding catering is the number of guests coming to the wedding.

Most people underestimate their guest’s counts and they will face problems after that. Just make sure the number of guests that are coming because it will significantly affect the budget.

The good thing is some caterers give some discount if the guest list is big so it will ultimately cost you high if you are thinking of making your guest list short and an extra guest comes.

Reception Accessories

You can not serve the food to your guests if you do not have the right reception accessories. Most of the time caterers tell their price including the accessories with the overall cost per person, but there is nothing lost in asking them if they have any extra charges for these.

Wrapping Up

If you were wondering about the cost of your wedding catering, then I hope now you get your answer. There are some factors that make your budget go higher or lower.

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